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Fjordvarme AS – A step into the future of renewable energy.

Fjordvarme AS Norway is a leading company in developing large scale concepts for winning and using energy from the water in the fjord using a heat exchanging system (fjordvarme means heat of the fjord).   

Fjordvarme AS was founded in 2004 and is mainly owned by the Nordfjordeid community and has invested heavily during the last decade to find out the best way to use sea warmth as a new energy source for heating and cooling buildings.

Fjordvarme AS wil develop new technologies and new ways of harnessing the energy in the fjord or other sources. Through Fjordvarme AS this concept will be made ​​available to other towns and cities. The Fjordvarme AS heating- and cooling system provides clean and renewable energy both to businesses, public buildings and private homes in the community center of Nordfjordeid and several other places. 



About 40 projects are already using the Fjordvarme system with an average of over 50% reduction in energy use. (This is also an equivalent of about 5.000 tons carbon-dioxide from the start.)


The experience from the town of Nordfjordeid and other places means that it is easier and cheaper for other towns or companies to implement our system, than it was before the pilot project in Nordfjordeid started.


Together with external developers we can contribute to a large-scale development of heating and cooling systems in many towns and urban settlements along the coast.


The use of the Fjordvarme system extends to almost every place on earth, because the system can easily be adapted to other water sources, such as lakes, rivers and even local places under the ground if there are no large water masses in the nearby area.



Local engineers, developers and building companies were used to finish the project in Nordfjordeid. They also helped the municipality in cooperation with engineering companies and energy companies.


Our 2011 Energy Award winning concept has become a proven reality. Nowadays Fjordvarme AS delivers services and gives advice about using the concept of energy systems for heating and cooling using water as a main source.

We can learn you how to set up the entire system or we can offer to build a complete Fjordvarme system.


In a world with an increasing shortage of fossile fuels like oil or coals, it is our duty to increase the use of renewable energy and constantly try to find new ways and sources to maintain or improve our way of live.


We have to take care of our environment in a responsible and cost-efficient way so next generations can benefit from us and what we did.


Feel free to contact us, with our experience we will help you in any way we can.  


Kind regards,


Fjordvarme AS Magne Hjelle – Nordfjordeid - Norway